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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Someone said count your blessings now. I guess I just didn't know how. [8]

Not trying to be hypocritical here but some people, that is including myself, need to stop living in the sea that is the devils lies.

-I'm too fat.
-I'm too thin.
-My skin is disgusting.
-My hair is horrible.
-No one likes me.
-I can't do anything right.
-I am not worthy.

De ja vu.

It is hard at first, but once you start to realise that you are God's masterpiece it will come naturally from then on.

The reality is that no one is perfect in anyone's eyes but the Lord.

Think about the positives!
-I have a bed to sleep in.
-I have some amazing friends who never let me down and don't care about my faults.
-My God is an all powerful, all loving saviour.

Count Your Blessings
Just one positive aspect of your life, even the simplest of all, makes up for so many more of your negatives.

Just do me a favour - please take this into mind. 


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