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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My Dream Girl - Lifegroup Homework! :O

I should have done this ages ago, but at Lifegroup we were told to make a list of exactly what your dream girl/boy would be. (Blates a girl for me :L )

So I thought I'd do it on here. (y) So this is my dream girl list:

-Not taller than me.
-Brown Hair.
-Likes Drama.
-Likes Music.
-A best friend at the same time.
-Doesn't get drunk.
-Doesn't smoke.
-Likes my family.
-My family likes her.
-All my mates get along with her.
-She's open and honest.
-She must have a good sense in fashion.
-She's individual - doesn't just follow the crowd.
-FIT. ;)
-She must be able to cook.
-She must be good with children.
-Can manage her money.
-Has a good sense in humour.
-She must look past my faults. In fact, she won't even see them!
-Loves Jesus more  than she loves me.
-Does not dress like a slag.

Well, yeahh that;'s my list! :)
Might be hard to find someone who fits perfectly in there, but oh well. I'll get there eventually! :)

Hmm, might be hard to find her

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