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Saturday, 5 March 2011

This is NOT a spectator sport.

Last night was the Prayer Storm at LiFE. It was absolutely amazing; there was people being healed, people being saved and the presence of God was just so, so strong. It made me so grateful that I was brought up in a Christian family as I know that if I wasn't, it is most likely that I would be messing not only my life, but other peoples lives up. But most importantly, I wouldn't know God, and knowing how stubborn I can be, I probably never would.

Last night I felt incredibly happy, happier than I remember being in a long, long time.
But this happiness made me worry so much. My non-Christian friends; where will they end up? I can't bare to think that they might stand a chance of spending eternity in darkness. But this gave me hope; the hope that one day they might know the love of our all powerful God. But do you know what? Now a determination has come out from deep within me.

"This is NOT a spectator sport"

I will not sit back and hope that one day the non-believers will come to know His love.
I will make it my mission to save them.

Some people see Christianity as the best tasting box of chocolates; you must tell everybody how good it is so that they will know the amazing taste! But do you know what? That's not it.

Christianity as I see it is very far from this.
I see it as the Christians are fire fighters, trying to save
as many non-believers as possible from a burning building.

Our job is not a sweet, simple task.

"We must go, live to feed the hungry."
"Can you hear the people crying out?"

So, what are you waiting for? 

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