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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Following the crowd is only for the weak. (yn)

Following the crowd - it's literally all that the people around me seem to be doing.

It's what I've been doing if I'm honest with you. (n)

Half the things that I buy seem to be the most popular things. For example, I asked for a Blackberry Phone for Christmas last year. I got a Nokia, but that's not the point. The point is that I wanted what everyone else did. But I'm glad I didn't get one - I like having something different about me. I don't want to be sucked into this 'zombified' world that is reality for everyone else.

If you have the latest phone you are instantly liked by people. If you wear all Jack Wills or Abercromie clothing you are instantly recognised as popular. But who says we can't change?

The day that the 'populars' don't wear something overpriced and designer is definitely a day which seems out of sight.

You know what? I'm going to stop fussing about who I hang around with. I'll wear my big leather boots if I want to, no one can stop me! If I really want to, I can wear a gilette!
Just because a few people don't like it doesn't mean that I shouldn't like it! I mean, they're entitled to their own oppinion and stuff but I am sick and tired of worrying what they'll say trying to fit in.

In fact, I know that it's not popular to wear my big leather boots at school, but as I have a non-uniform day coming up on Friday, I'm going to jump at the chance to be myself.

Maybe I like skinny jeans.. Maybe I like wearing big boots... Maybe I like wearing a few bracelets or a necklace. It's my life!
"Live your life to the full; no regrets. Wake up and live your dreams! C'mon what are you waiting for?"
This is now officially the motto for my life.

Before I publish this, I just want to encourage you readers to do the same. What's wrong with standing out a bit? Be yourself! God made you the way you are for a reason!
And for those who take action on this blog; I have so much love for you. :)

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