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Thursday, 10 March 2011

I get given what I get given.

There's always a light at the end of the tunnel.. 

So basically, today has been unusual - lots of contrasting emotions yet again.

Laughter to frustrations. Happiness to hopelessness.

I need to speak up in everything I do. My puny little so called 'problems' can just vanish, but I can't just wait for them to blow away. I need to stand up and speak.

"Take out all your wasted honours, every little past frustration. Take out all your so called problems, better put them in quotations. Say what you need to say..." -John Mayer -Say

Things happen, but I get given what I get given. If I get bullied for my religion, I will accept that; take it on the chin. This doesn't mean I don't do anything about it still. This world is not pure perfection, and neither are the people in it. 
If I get bullied for how I look I will turn the other cheek. Maybe compliment them?
At least 3 people called me 'Acne Boy' today and I'd never even spoken to them before. Another 2 called me grease face. But do you know what? I don't feel sorry for myself like I might be expected to. In fact, I feel more sorry for those people than anything else! The fact that they need to insult peoeple to make themselves feel better.

I can't just ask for everything to get better and expect God to just sort my life out

1 Corinthians 13:4
"The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want."

Despite all these bad things, God has actually given me so many privileges that so many people would give anything for: a phone, two loving parents, an amazing brother and an amazing sister. An excellent education. Friends who stick by me, a house. The list is endless!

We should focus on the things that make you happier. For example, today I found out that I got a 'B' in my first Maths module which counts for something like 20% of my whole GCSE!
I was absolutely buzzing that I'd hit my target grade!

So what has happened to you today?
If you've had a bad day, count your blessings!

"Someone said count you're blessings now,
But I guess I just didn't know how.." -P!nk - Who Knew

Admittedly it's isn't easy to count your blessings at first, when you are so used to the pessimist in you!
But believe me, with practise, it'll be so easy in such a little time!

Sorry, had to do a very quick update as I'm off out now, which is why there may be silly mistakes ! (:

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